Every couple of years new trends in home design surface. These generally showcase the lifestyle changes that humankind undergoes. This year’s new trends in home design indicate the importance of having relaxing spaces in one’s home – a getaway from the ‘work-from-home’ predicament after the Covid-19 pandemic. It also exhibits the continued awareness of the importance of sustainability and eco-friendliness, and the use of technology within the home.

New Trends in Home Design

1. Open plan

The open plan concept is still popular as the need for multifunctional spaces grows. This is especially true when it comes to kitchens and shared living areas. Often, a kitchen is the focal and communal point of a home where everyone ends up gathering. Having an open floor plan provides more space for friends and family to interact and connect when there are get together.

2. Shared living spaces

With the rise in living costs, many families opt to live together in a multigenerational home, or friends have decided to share living spaces to ease financial burdens. This includes more than one master suite to provide the necessary personal space. Habitants in shared living spaces will be able to therefore share resources and save some money.

3. Ready-made designs

People are opting for architectural designs that have already been utilized. This can streamline the process of approval with the local council, is cheaper than custom designs, and provides future homeowners with peace of mind that the plans are already functional.
Ready-made also refers to modular homes, either temporary or permanent, which provide the advantages of less waste, quicker construction time, and cost efficiency.

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4. 3D Printed spaces

This trend is steadily growing in popularity as a means of cost and time-efficient method of construction. It also provides more options in terms of design – easier and quicker curved walls, and unique texture.

5. Sustainability

Being environmentally conscious is one of the biggest trends that architectural design is moving towards. Designs are integrating solar options, better insulation (to compensate for heating and cooling), energy-efficient appliances and lights, and also general sustainable materials. Home builders and the population, in general, are more aware of the different effects that their choices have on the environment, and this shows in construction as well.

6. Luxury bathrooms

Baths and unique showers have become the focal points of this space, which has been influenced by spas. Bathrooms are being designed to be an oasis of relaxation within the home, a quiet place for owners to recuperate after their busy day.

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7. Smart homes

Buildings fitted with smart appliances, lighting that works from an app on your phone, and fingerprint security access are in store for the latest home architectural designs. Home builders are also carefully placing charging stations throughout their homes. With the continued rise in technology, it is inevitable that homes are becoming smarter each year.

8. Dedicated spaces

People are including their own personal dedicated spaces to practice their hobbies in the building of their homes. These rooms can include functions for hobbies, crafts, and exercise, or simply serve as a quiet space away from the rest of the house.
Some owners may decide to incorporate a mini cinema, a recording studio, or an exhibit for their collection.
Whatever the functionality of the room, these are popular spaces within the home to serve as a retreat from the fast-paced life they lead.

9. Adaptability

Family dynamics are bound for inevitable change throughout the years. When building a forever home it is necessary to include one or two rooms that can grow with the family. These are simply spaces that provide for multiple uses. Providing optionality or versatility when it comes to design is important when it comes to planning your future home.

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10. Functional storage

Storage space will always be a key feature that homeowners look for. The adage, “A place for everything and everything in its place” is applicable more than ever. People are looking for ways to give the perceived perception of a decluttered home. Sculleries, laundry areas, and more than enough cupboards provide functional organization.


Although some architectural designs quickly lose their charm, the current trends rest more on creating more comfortable lifestyles. Using the above tips in the design of your next home will make your life at least a little easier and more relaxing.